At RaaSa, we model our philosophy on its literal translation: “the Essence of Life.” As Westchester’s premier Indian fine-dining destination, we realize dining is about more than just food; it’s an experience. We make it our goal to provide you with impeccable service, a clean, comfortable atmosphere, and a delicious menu of authentic Indian cuisine.

Led by Michelin Star and James Beard Foundation recognized Chef Peter Beck, RaaSa’s menu features traditional Indian fare with a modern twist, celebrating the diverse culinary heritage of the Indian subcontinent, including the often-overlooked southern and coastal regions. Vegetarian? RaaSa has a wide range of healthy, delicious vegetarian options. Between the vast range of tastes, from sweet to spicy to succulent, you’re sure to fall in love with all that RaaSa has to offer.

About Chef Peter Beck

Born in New Delhi, India, Chef Peter Beck has excited palates around the globe. After stops in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong, Chef Beck has now brought his wealth of experience and culinary prowess to New York. As a James Beard Foundation “Top Chef of 2002,” and Michelin Star recipient at Tamarind and Benares, Chef Beck is a spice maestro and culinary innovator whose experience and passion for providing outstanding Indian cuisine is the driving force behind RaaSa’s distinctive, diversified menu.

About Owners Ashok Salian & Priya Kapoor-Salian

RaaSa is a locally owned restaurant operated by a husband and wife ownership team comprised of Ashok Salian and Priya Kapoor-Salian. Both Ashok and Priya attended culinary school and met while working for J.W. Marriott in Phoenix. They were later part of the team that launched the successful and highly acclaimed Tamarind Tribeca, where they met Chef Peter Beck.

At RaaSa, Priya manages the front-of-house operations and catering program while Ashok is responsible for back-of-house operations, as well as being RaaSa’s mixologist, creator of their fantastic cocktail menu.